Foot and hand REFLEXOLOGY

Purpose of Reflexology:

Reflexology can optimize blood, lymph, and nerve flow, minimizing pain as well as muscle tension and facilitating the body’s natural healing and detoxifying processes.  Plus it relieves stress!!

Foot Reflexology




Cash or etransfer only, accepted

Foot Reflexology - $70.00 - 60  minutes 

Hand Reflexology - $60 - 60 minutes

Indian Head Massage - $55 - 40 minutes


Reflexology is a form of natural healing. It activates the healing responses of the body. Every part of the body has a reflex point on the feet and hands. When these reflex points are stimulated, a message is sent along the neural pathways to the corresponding body parts. This helps the body to move towards a state of balance and normal functioning.

Hand Reflexology

Lay back on the heated massage table and totally relax.

Hand Reflexology - $ 60.00 for 60 minutes 




You can lay back and completely relax on the heated/padded massage table.

Results: Improved flow of energy, improved blood flow, improved cardiovascular circulation, release of toxins, unblocked energy pathways. The body is put into a state or relaxation, this is where healing happens. Plus many other wonderful benefits.

Enjoy the relaxation music and the calming feeling in the reflexology room, while natural soy candles are lit and Himalayan salt lamps are emitting negative ions, which also helps reduce stress, asthma and allergies.


History of Reflexology

In Egypt between 2500 and 3000 BC evidence in a physicians tomb shows hieroglyphics of the physician applying pressure with his hands to the soles of his patients foot. Reflexology was practiced in China 4000 years ago as part of acupuncture. It is described in the Chinese medical text, the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, where it is called the Examining Foot Method. Today studies all around the world are validating the effectiveness of reflexology. Chronic conditions seem to respond especially well to reflexology. In China, where reflexology is accepted by the central government as a means of preventing and curing diseases and preserving health, over 300 research studies have shown reflexology provided some improvement to 95% of the over 18,000 cases covering 64 illnesses studied. In Japan and Denmark, reflexology has been incorporated into the employee health programmes of several large corporations saving each company thousands of dollars annually in paid out sick leave benefits. With such a rich history it is no surprise that reflexology has continued to evolve. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in hands-on healing techniques such as reflexology, as people become disenchanted with surgery or drug-based methods common to traditional Western medicine.

Simply put, what people today are rediscovering is that Nature has always provided us with the means by which to heal ourselves and maintain good health.